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Letter to a Missionary

Shalom Michoel Thanks for taking the time for this articulate and detailed response. Each additional bit of clarity brings us closer to the truth that we both seek. Thanks for the tone as well. You have my best ear for … Continue reading

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Israel and Jerusalem – Eternal Choices

Originally posted on 1000 Verses – a project of Judaism Resources:
Christians often use the example of the tabernacle as a justification for their worship of Jesus. The missionary contends that just as God came to dwell in the tabernacle, allowing…

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Midrash; Villain or Hero? – Excerpt from The Elephant and the Suit

Volume 4 versus Volume 5 Dr. Brown devoted the fifth volume of his series to invalidate the oral traditions of Judaism. One of the major criticisms voiced by Dr. Brown against these traditions focuses on the style and method of … Continue reading

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