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Assessment and Rebuttal

Assessment of the Debate between Rabbi Blumenthal and Dr. Brown on the Real Jewish Messiah This essay is not a rebuttal to Dr. Brown’s third video. I will be doing that in a separate article which is posted below. At this … Continue reading

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Originally posted on 1000 Verses – a project of Judaism Resources:
Slander: The dissemination of untruths with the express purpose of defaming another person or a group of people. The Christian Scriptures present a caricature of the Pharisees which is untrue.…

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The Doctoral Candidate – a parable by Jim

The Christian claim is that the resurrection is proof of Jesus’ messiahship. However, it cannot be a proof in any sense, because there is no proof of the resurrection itself, as an event. To help illustrate how hollow the claim … Continue reading

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