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The Breath The deepest yearning of man is the longing to connect with God. It is not enough for a person to know with the mind and the intellect that God exists. We yearn for connection, we yearn to experience … Continue reading

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The Wisdom that is Present Wherever You Look – excerpt from Kosher Reality

The Wisdom that is Present Wherever You Look The word “Jew” is a derivative of the Hebrew “Yehuda.” The name “Yehuda” means thanks and acknowledgment (Genesis 29:25), and the calling of the Jew is to praise and acknowledge the goodness … Continue reading

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Tower of Truth

Tower of Truth Man’s need for self-validation is very deep. Necessity, as they say, is the mother of invention. The deeper the need – the more powerful the desire to invent and to fabricate. Not that there is a true … Continue reading

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Assessment and Rebuttal

Assessment of the Debate between Rabbi Blumenthal and Dr. Brown on the Real Jewish Messiah This essay is not a rebuttal to Dr. Brown’s third video. I will be doing that in a separate article which is posted below. At this … Continue reading

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The Real Jewish Messiah – part 3; Notes

  The Real Jewish Messiah, Rabbi Blumenthal Debates Dr. Brown – Part 3 We have arrived at the third and final segment in the debate about the real Jewish Messiah. Where do we stand? What have we learned thus far? … Continue reading

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Pentecost vs Shavuot – by Jim

You write that Christianity and Judaism both rely upon faith, and, if I understand you correctly, this seems to mean to you that the Jew has no room to critique the Christian faith. This reflects a poor understanding of Torah, … Continue reading

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Forms of Communication

Forms of Communication There are different methods that can be used to communicate ideas from person to another. Some of these modes of communication are more effective than others. Some forms of communication are more prone to error and failure … Continue reading

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The Real Jewish Messiah

The Real Jewish Messiah Why is this topic so popular? Why does it draw so much attention? One of the most famous themes of the Jewish Bible is the hope and the promise that a day will yet come when … Continue reading

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Not to Bow

Not to Bow   “And all the servants of the King that were in the gate of the King kneeled and bowed to Haman but Mordechai would not kneel nor would he bow” (Esther 3:2) Mordechai’s refusal to bow infuriated … Continue reading

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Trust and Repentance

Trust and Repentance   Rabbi Shlomo Ibn Gabirol describes the process of repentance as escaping and fleeing from God to God. When we realize the weight of God’s judgment and the evil of sin we recognize that we need to … Continue reading

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