Faith Crisis Guidance


Never Alone

Fear, Guilt and Psalm 131:2

Persuasion versus Education – Part II


Letters to a Messianic Jew

All the Nations

Respect for the Process

2 Responses to Faith Crisis Guidance

  1. D says:

    How does one cope with the guilt feelings associated with a period of doubt ?? I mean how can G.d still wants me when we know that believing only in him is the first and foremost important mitzva in the whole Torah and a doubt in one’s belief is punishable of karet?!

  2. Dear D
    The Chazon Ish explains that on our day and age when there is such a lack of appreciation and recognition of our true obligation toward Hashem that we all have a status of tinokos shenishbu to some degree
    the bottom line is that Hashem is fair – he doesn’t demand more than our emotional strength can give
    And the fact that you are alive tells you that He loves you and that you are significant in His eyes
    He hears your every whisper and He is pained with your every pain

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