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The Law of Moses

Law of Moses The practical observance of God’s Law as dictated through Moses is not highly regarded in the teachings of Christianity. Many Christian denominations believe that with the death of Jesus, the Law of Moses was completely annulled. Others … Continue reading

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Works Christianity teaches that no good works of men are counted as righteous before God. It is difficult to think of a concept that is more contrary to the Jewish scriptures. The Tabernacle and the Temple narratives, which take up … Continue reading

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Atonement Christians believe that there can be no atonement for sin without a blood sacrifice. This concept is not to be found in the Jewish Bible. Instead we find that God assures us again and again that God forgives anyone … Continue reading

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The Messianic Expectation

The Messianic Expectation Christianity believes that Jesus was the Messiah predicted by the Jewish prophets. Missionaries claim that Jesus fulfilled hundreds of Messianic prophecies. Many Christians find it difficult to understand why Jews don’t recognize Jesus as the Messiah. What … Continue reading

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The Election of Israel

The Election of Israel One of the foundational principles of Christianity is the concept that those who have faith in Jesus are considered the elect of God. There is not one passage in the Jewish Bible that can be read … Continue reading

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To Whom Should Our Hearts Belong?

To Whom Should Our Hearts Belong? The foundational teaching of the Jewish scriptures is that God created heaven and earth, and that everything that is in them are His subjects. Scripture opens with the words: “In the beginning God created … Continue reading

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1000 Verses

1000 VERSES Many Christians cannot seem to fathom why it is that Jews do not accept Jesus. These Christians believe that Jesus is the Messiah predicted by the Jewish prophets, and cannot begin to understand why anyone would think differently. … Continue reading

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Hello world!

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