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The Oral Law in Judaism and Christianity – by Jim

The Christian missionary often challenges the existence of the Oral Torah with the question: “Where in the (Written) Torah does it say anything about an Oral Torah?” He assumes that the text should come with some statement instructing the reader … Continue reading

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Excerpt from Supplement

V. 69. Objection 6.15   It is here that Brown addresses the third of my challenges to him: “An honest reading of the NT will reveal that Jesus and his followers believed in, and observed the unwritten traditions which the … Continue reading

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Annelise on the Law of Life

Annelise on the Law of Life The faith and culture of Judaism have been called legalistic by some people, who feel that careful observance of details in rabbinic law detracts from the real spirit of the written Torah. Others believe … Continue reading

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Deuteronomy 33:4 – Oral Law

Deuteronomy 33:4 – Oral Law   Judaism affirms that God made use of two methods of communication in order to transmit the truths of Judaism from one generation to the next; the written text and the living communication of parent … Continue reading

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Dr. Brown – Volume 5

Volume V 1. Introduction In this fifth volume of his series, Brown attacks the authenticity of the oral traditions of the Jewish people. As in my critiques of Brown’s previous volumes, each point begins with an excerpt from Brown’s work … Continue reading

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Validating the Oral Law

Judaism claims that it possesses an authentic understanding of the Biblical laws that goes beyond the words that are written in the Bible. According to Judaism, when God taught Moses each of the laws, He did not just recite to … Continue reading

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Myth versus Reality

The Myth of “Post Temple Judaism” Versus the Reality of Post Pauline Christianity The Tannaitic and Amoraic periods of Jewish history parallel the first several centuries of the Common Era. The classical works of the Mishna, the Talmud, and most … Continue reading

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