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Invisible Proof – a Letter by Jim

I thought I should draw attention to a point that has been stated many times, but perhaps could bear repeating. When you write that the Christian messiah rules in heaven, so that he fulfills the passage in Jeremiah from which … Continue reading

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The Oral Law in Judaism and Christianity – by Jim

The Christian missionary often challenges the existence of the Oral Torah with the question: “Where in the (Written) Torah does it say anything about an Oral Torah?” He assumes that the text should come with some statement instructing the reader … Continue reading

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The “Lost” Genealogies – by Jim

One of the most fascinating arguments that Christians raise regarding the proposed Messiahship of Jesus is that no living candidate can prove himself to be a descendant of David, because the family trees were burned with the Second Temple. This … Continue reading

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Considering the Claims – by Jim

You ask if it is possible to be neutral when considering the claims of Jesus. Two difficulties present themselves to the mind that desires to be neutral. The first is emotional, and the emotions can make it almost impossible to … Continue reading

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The “Other” Messiah – by Jim

You write that Christianity fills in the gaps of the Jewish definition of the role of the Messiah and argue that the only difference between Jews and Christians is that the Jews expect the first coming of the Messiah, while … Continue reading

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Paul Mauls Deuteronomy 30 – by Jim

Throughout his letter to the Romans, Paul contrasts two means whereby one might try to be righteous before God. One means is through the Law, a means by which, according to Paul, one can only experience failure, for the Law … Continue reading

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Twilight Man – by Jim

Twilight Man Dear Philip, That you should feel a little lost after leaving the Church is only natural. What you are going through is akin to a divorce. Those people with whom you have long socialized and identified now feel … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to a Potential “Ger” – by Jim

Dear Philip, At the end of our lunch the other day, you excitedly informed me that you had discovered a new group of non-Jews that believe in the God of Israel and in the authority of the Torah, a group … Continue reading

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The Doctoral Candidate – a parable by Jim

The Christian claim is that the resurrection is proof of Jesus’ messiahship. However, it cannot be a proof in any sense, because there is no proof of the resurrection itself, as an event. To help illustrate how hollow the claim … Continue reading

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Trinity Parable – by Jim

Theophilus In one of your links, the intent is to explain why Jews do not accept the Trinity. The explanation begins like this: “We see hints of the trinity in the Torah because we know about it.” This statement is … Continue reading

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