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Faith Crisis – by Annelise

Every human is familiar with inner conflict. The sensations, emotions, thoughts, ideas, and values that we have don’t always align or work together. We try to find unified ways to think and live, and yet, internal conflict resolution doesn’t always … Continue reading

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Shallow Similarities, Deep Differences – by Annelise

Shallow Similarities, Deep Differences – by Annelise In Proverbs 8 we hear a speech in the voice of Wisdom, who is portrayed as a desirable and life-bringing woman. Wisdom speaks here about how she was created before the universe; how … Continue reading

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Angels – by Annelise

Genesis describes very vivid conversations with God, experienced by His earliest followers. The encounters are portrayed as close and tangible at this stage of humanity’s growing relationship with Him. Some Christians turn to these ‘appearances’ of God as evidence that … Continue reading

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Annelise on Monotheism

Annelise on Monotheism The wisdom of Judaism stands out among other religions, proclaiming that the soul owes its allegiance not to any finite thing, but to the Maker of all things and powers. Nothing in the world owes its existence … Continue reading

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From the Foundation Up, by Annelise

From the Foundation Up, by Annelise Some people encounter Judaism and leave mainstream Christianity, but hold on to the Christian scriptures. They keep some Christian beliefs out of loyalty to their messiah. When the Orthodox Jewish community rejects them, they … Continue reading

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Never Alone by Annelise

Never Alone by Annelise   On the path through life with God, people experience times of uncertainty or crisis. Unanswered questions and painful experiences can make it hard to trust that we are walking securely, with God lovingly guiding the … Continue reading

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Annelise on Hebrews 2:17

Annelise on Hebrews 2:17 In the Christian scriptures, Hebrews chapter 2 discusses why Jesus needed to be human. The author wrote that a human, not angels, will rule over the world to come. He also speculated that it is fitting … Continue reading

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