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Persuasion versus Education – Part II

Persuasion versus Education   Part II In my previous post I made the sweeping accusation that the Christian missionary campaign favors persuasion over education. At first glance my accusation may perhaps seem to render me guilty of the same charges … Continue reading

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Persuasion versus Education – Response to Dr. Brown

Persuasion versus Education –  Response to Dr. Brown The winds of controversy that swirl around Rabbi S. Boteach’s new book; “Kosher Jesus” have managed to bring Dr. M. Brown into the Jewish melee. In a Huffington Post response to Boteach, … Continue reading

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“Kosher Jesus” – A Book Review by Rabbi Eli Cohen

“Kosher Jesus” – A Book Review In his new, highly controversial book, Kosher Jesus, Shmuley Boteach sets the stage by describing the strong overtures of Christian love towards Israel and the Jewish people.  Boteach views this development as a positive step in … Continue reading

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Written Debate with Dr Brown

In anticipation of Dr. Brown’s upcoming response to my last comment in this lengthy thread – I took the liberty of cutting and pasting the relevant posts. I attempt to keep the original numbering and even the original typos. This … Continue reading

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Motivations – Jeremiah 2:11

Motivations – Jeremiah 2:11   From the very inception of Christianity, Christians found it necessary to engage in the psychoanalysis of those who reject their claims. John’s Jesus gets the ball rolling in chapter 3 verses 19 thru 21 “And … Continue reading

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Forms of Communication

Forms of Communication There are different methods that can be used to communicate ideas from person to another. Some of these modes of communication are more effective than others. Some forms of communication are more prone to error and failure … Continue reading

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Continuation of L. O. F. Conversation

On the November 3rd 2011 edition of Dr. Brown’s Line of Fire radio show blog – an interesting conversation developed. Dr. Brown had challenged a caller on his show to produce one misquotation of Scripture in his five volume series. … Continue reading

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Acknowledgment and Denial

Acknowledgment and Denial Christian theologians attempt to rationalize their assertion that a certain individual, who breathed God’s air and walked God’s earth, is somehow divine and worthy of worship. These theologians present an argument which posits that it was “necessary” … Continue reading

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The Bush, The Cloud and Genesis 18

The Bush, the Cloud and Genesis 18     Christians believe that Jesus, a man who lived and breathed like all other human beings, was in some mysterious way – divine. On the basis of this belief, Christians direct veneration … Continue reading

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Context and Kabbalah

Context and Kabbalah Christian missionaries will grab hold of anything that they might be able to use to justify their belief in the trinity. Be it a Scriptural passage, an analogy from the physical world or a passage from the … Continue reading

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