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Unauthorized Negotiator

Unauthorized Negotiator Tom and Joe were partners in a business. As they walked up the path to the office one day they encountered a man exiting the door that they were about to enter. The man asked them what they … Continue reading

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Empowered Arbitrators

Empowered Arbitrators Tom and Joe were partners in a business. When it came to disbursement of profits a small dispute arose between them so they decided to go to a third party to arbitrate between them. Joe was not familiar … Continue reading

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Love, Law and Jeremiah 9:23

Love, Law and Jeremiah 9:23 God’s holy Law and His love are seen by some as to conflicting factors in our relationship with the Divine. Loving God and observing the Law are understood by these people as two separate approaches … Continue reading

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Ramifications of Shema IV – Isaiah 41:10

Ramifications of Shema IV – Isaiah 41:10 In the Shema we declare that the Lord is our God. What do we mean when we say that God is “ours”? Is the Lord not God over all of creation? How is … Continue reading

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The Canaanite Gospels

The Canaanite Gospels   Christianity began as a movement within the Jewish community. It did not take long for this movement to spread to the Gentile world. At a very early stage of Christian history, the Gentile segment of the … Continue reading

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Is the Jewish Bible a Mystery Novel?

Is the Jewish Bible a Mystery Novel? Christian missionaries read the Jewish Bible as if it were a mystery novel. The Bible presents the missionary with an enigmatic puzzle that needs to be unraveled. Only the missionary knows that Jesus … Continue reading

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Isaiah 41:15

Isaiah 41:15 “Behold I have made you like a new, sharp threshing iron with many blades; you will thresh and pulverize mountains, and you will make the hills like chaff. You will winnow them and the wind will carry them … Continue reading

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