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Covenant Nation

Covenant Nation A Critical Review of Professor Daniel Boyarin’s: “Borderlines” and “The Jewish Gospels” By: Yisroel Chaim Blumenthal Introduction The Jewish people stand in a covenantal relationship with God. Not only as individuals, but also and primarily as a national … Continue reading

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Incarnation and Definition of Marriage

Incarnation and Definition of Marriage Reverend Smith’s gaze shifted from Mary to Jane and back to Mary again. The Pastor broke the long silence: “What! You want to get married in MY church?! Don’t you know where I stand on … Continue reading

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Idolatry and the Definition of Marriage

Idolatry and the Definition of Marriage The Biblical concept of the marriage relationship constitutes of a union between a man and a woman. According to the Bible, each of these was designed by God to fill a different role in … Continue reading

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How Did They Decide?

How Did They Decide?   Christianity stands on the words of a few men. If the disciples of Jesus would have ignored him as did most of the Jews of his day, no one would have ever heard of him. … Continue reading

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How Were the Jewish Scriptures Canonized?

How Were the Jewish Scriptures Canonized?  “…the same standard that was used to determine the canonical status of the books of the Jewish Bible would have decidedly INVALIDATED the books of the Christian Scriptures.” (Christianity Unmasked) How were the Jewish … Continue reading

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