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Excerpt from a Written Debate with Dr. Brown

Excerpt from a Written Debate with Dr. Brown This debate took place on the comment section of Dr. Brown’s Line of Fire radio website – November 3 2011.   431.        yisroel blumenthal December 22nd, 2011 @ 11:07 am Sheila and … Continue reading

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Annelise on “Hypocrisy or Loyalty ?”

Annelise on “Hypocrisy or Loyalty ?” The claim that another human being is the only way to follow or worship God should never be taken lightly. But when someone chooses not to accept Jesus, well-meaning Christians often ask: “Would you … Continue reading

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Esther 4:16

Esther 4:16 The Book of Esther stands out amongst the books of the Jewish Bible in that it does not mention the name of God. In fact; the Book of Esther does not explicitly declare any spiritual message. It is … Continue reading

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Response to Line of Fire 12

Response to Line of Fire 12 On the February 21 2013 Line of Fire radio show Dr. Brown shares his pain with the listening audience. He explains to his audience how the counter-missionary organization: Jews for Judaism, maintains a “no … Continue reading

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The Veil

The Veil The ongoing missionary effort to direct the heart of the Jew towards Jesus in worship has generated many discussions between proponents of Jesus and those who do not accept his claims. Many of these discussions focus on the … Continue reading

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A Letter to Chanan

Dear Chanan Brother! Let us return, Father is waiting for us. Please allow me to elaborate. Brother? Yes, we are brothers. It was with our father, Abraham, that the Creator of all made an everlasting covenant. Your genes and my … Continue reading

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Post # 429 – Equal Weights and Measures

Post # 429 This post was put up on the comment section on Dr. Brown’s Line of Fire website. I present it here because it demonstrates the benefit of discussing these matters in writing. Incidentally; I am still awaiting Dr. Brown’s response.    429.yisroel … Continue reading

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Blood Atonement

Blood Atonement Christians insist that blood sacrifice is a necessary prerequisite for the atonement of sin. These Christians believe that this is an open teaching of the Jewish Scriptures. Although there is no verse which explicitly says: “without blood there … Continue reading

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Response to Line of Fire 11

Response to Line of Fire 11 In his February 7 2013 radio show Dr. Brown takes issue with a presentation by Julius Ciss; Director of the Canadian branch of Jews for Judaism. Julius’s presentation is simple and straightforward. He explains … Continue reading

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Annelise on Amazing Grace

Annelise on Amazing Grace Annelise is a former Christian who now worships the God of Israel alone My family grew up singing songs of thankfulness and surrender to God for saving us from guilt and allowing us to live in … Continue reading

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