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Turning on a Dime

It is not easy to determine if someone (or a group of people) arrived at a theological conclusion on the basis of intellectual searching or if the conclusions were generated by some external factor and it is not always ethical to … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to “Concerned Reader”

An Open Letter to “Concerned Reader” Dear Concerned Reader; this letter is in response to your recent comment: July 26, 2014 at 3:59 am . I will begin by thanking you for your respectful tone and for your sincerity in … Continue reading

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Movies and Manifestations

Movies and Manifestations Two of your friends just returned from going to the movies. They claim to have watched the same movie but in different movie theaters. One of your friends goes on and on about the content of the … Continue reading

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Ambassadors and Prophets

Ambassadors and Prophets The jungle inhabitants were lost in confusion. Then an ambassador from the benevolent and wise king came and taught them some ways of civilization. Since that first ambassador from the king arrived in the jungle, many other … Continue reading

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Journey of Truth

Journey of Truth The prophet Jeremiah brings a harsh message of admonition from God to the Jewish people. “What wrong did your forefathers find in Me that they distanced themselves from Me and went after futility and became futile? And … Continue reading

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Isaiah 53, Micah 7 and Isaiah 62

Originally posted on 1000 Verses – a project of Judaism Resources:
Isaiah 53, Micah 7 and Isaiah 62   Isaiah 53 (52:13 – 53:12) describes the servant of the Lord who shocks the world with his unexpected exaltation. The prophet presents…

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Watch Out!

Watch Out! There are different ways of keeping you from finding out the truth. One method that has been used is the banning of books. Another method that has been used to keep people from the truth is discouraging them … Continue reading

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