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Response to Blesch

Response to Blesch A fellow by the name of William Blesch has penned a critique of my article: “Consumer Alert”. You can read it at . I would like to thank him for giving me the opportunity to bring more … Continue reading

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Red Flags

Red Flags   The Christian missionary is in essence encouraging a transaction. He is asking you to give the devotion of your heart to Jesus and in return he is promising you a service in the after-life – “eternal salvation”. … Continue reading

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Consumer Alert!

Consumer Alert!   You may be wondering: What is a “consumer alert” doing on a blog that focuses on religion? Perhaps you never thought about it this way, but religion involves a transaction. There is an exchange taking place. The … Continue reading

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Dr. Brown – Volume 5

Volume V 1. Introduction In this fifth volume of his series, Brown attacks the authenticity of the oral traditions of the Jewish people. As in my critiques of Brown’s previous volumes, each point begins with an excerpt from Brown’s work … Continue reading

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