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Two Letters from Jim to David

David,   I appreciate that you do not see the NT as hate speech. To many modern Christians, it would not occur to them to hate the Jewish people for the things written therein. In fact, most would be horrified … Continue reading

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Loving Rebuke vs. Hateful Invective – by Jim

Derek, I am unsure of the purpose for your comment.  I would like to say this, however, that it is dangerous for us as non-Jews (which I assume you are, like myself) to judge Israel harshly.  It is true that … Continue reading

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Water, Words and Respect

Water, Words and Respect   Our sages directed attention to the Bible’s detailed description of Abraham’s servant’s fulfillment of his mission to find a wife for Isaac (Genesis 24). Our teachers taught that “the small talk of the servants of … Continue reading

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Worry By: C. L. Blumenthal The worry about worry Is that it’s catchy as the flu. If I’ll be sitting down to fret Soon you’ll be fretting too. So worrying goes in circles As it ravages through the lands, Making … Continue reading

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The School of Matthew

The School of Matthew   A Critical Review of “The Return of the Kosher Pig” Preface Imagine two schools of medicine. Let us call them “x” and “y”. Each of these schools has their own approach to medicine and each … Continue reading

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