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Why I am a Jew – a video by Rabbi Sacks

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PASSOVER HIJACKING AND HIJINKS – by R’ Michael Skobac Each year, numerous missionary churches and Messianic congregations co-opt the holiday of Passover, claiming that it proclaims a Christian message. The Christian bible compares Jesus to the Paschal lamb (John 1:29) … Continue reading

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The Blood of the Lamb

The Blood of the Lamb Christians are impressed that it was the blood (!) Of the lamb which saved the Jews in Egypt. Well it was. But it means something quite different than the meaning that Christians have read into … Continue reading

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Not to Bow

Not to Bow   “And all the servants of the King that were in the gate of the King kneeled and bowed to Haman but Mordechai would not kneel nor would he bow” (Esther 3:2) Mordechai’s refusal to bow infuriated … Continue reading

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Foundational Claims – excerpt from Supplement

In order to establish the logical principles that God exists and that He is in control of nature, God turned over the world (with the miracles of the exodus and Sinai). He did this in front of an entire nation. … Continue reading

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Names – Exodus 3:14

Names – Exodus 3:14 The Children of Israel were languishing under the whip of the Egyptian taskmasters and their outcry rose to the heavens. God appears to Moses in the burning bush and He tells Him that He has seen … Continue reading

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Holy Times

Holy Times The Biblical holidays seem to be divided into two separate cycles; we have the “Three Festivals” (Pesach-Passover, Shavuot-Festival of Weeks and Sukkot-Tabernacles – Exodus 23:14), and we have the “High Holy Days” (Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur and Sukkot). … Continue reading

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