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Eternal Freedom

Eternal Freedom   Passover is the time when we sit around the table with our families to thank God for redeeming us from slavery and making us free. We give praise for the gift that He bestowed upon us by … Continue reading

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The Passover Altar

The Passover Altar   There were ten miracles that occurred in the Temple on a regular basis. One of these miracles involved the smoke that arose from the fire of the altar. The altar was a large structure situated in … Continue reading

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Nine Letters # 9 – Covenantal Context

As  a Jew – I stand in a covenantal relationship with the Creator of heaven and earth.  He calls Himself the “God of Israel” and he calls us “My nation”. The most  foundational element of my relationship with God demands … Continue reading

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Nine Letters # 8 – Idolatry and the Rest of the Commandments

You  ask me if the God of Tanach is the same as Allah of Islam. I am not familiar  with Islamic theology so I cannot answer your question – but I get the gist of  what you are driving at. … Continue reading

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Nine Letters # 7 – Sinlessness and the Statue

God’s sinlessness is inherent to His very nature – He  cannot sin because sin, by definition, means going against His will. If you  point to an inhabitant of this earth and say he was sinless (how anyone could  know that … Continue reading

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Fear, Guilt and Psalm 131:2

Fear, Guilt and Psalm 131:2 Fear can be a crippling emotion. Under the influence of fear people become paralyzed and cannot follow the directives of their brains. Even worse is when the brain itself fails to think logically because it … Continue reading

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Nine Letters # 6 – Seven Arguments

First of all; whether  you realize it or not – your world is Jesus centered and not God centered. I see  this in your attitude towards fellow believers in Jesus – as opposed to your  attitude towards worshipers of the Creator … Continue reading

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