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Annelise on the Law of Life

Annelise on the Law of Life The faith and culture of Judaism have been called legalistic by some people, who feel that careful observance of details in rabbinic law detracts from the real spirit of the written Torah. Others believe … Continue reading

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Eternal Israel – Excerpt from Council of My Nation

When one reads God’s declaration “This nation I have formed for Myself” (Isaiah 43:21), one must recognize that “this nation” is an entity that includes living Jews of every generation. “The children of Israel shall guard the Sabbath” (Exodus 31:16) … Continue reading

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Works – Excerpt From Critique of Vol. 5

V. 53. Pages  195-198 Brown describes self-righteousness  as a “feeling that you have attained righteousness before God based on your  actions, or the feeling that you are morally superior to others.”   Brown speaks of: “the efforts of  religious Jews … Continue reading

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Faith – Excerpt from Critique of Vol. 5

V. 56. Page 205 Brown critiques Judaism: “…it does not provide complete redemption for the soul. In other words, it does not bring the assurance of forgiveness of sins, the assurance of being in a right standing with God, the … Continue reading

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All or Nothing? – The Case of Aviyah (Abijah)

All or Nothing? – The Case of Aviyah (Abijah) The book of Judges describes how Israel strayed from obedience to God (Judges 2:11 – 23). Before the monarchy was established in Israel we find that the Jewish people swayed back … Continue reading

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Freedom “There is no free man but one who busies himself with the study of Torah” (Avot 6:2) Freedom means not being tied down by the boundaries and limitations that tend to limit us. There are different types of freedom. … Continue reading

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Acts and Faith

Acts and Faith In the third and fourth chapters of the Book of Romans Paul sets down one of the cornerstones of Christian theology. Paul argues that no man can be justified by works as described in the Law of … Continue reading

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Covenant – Minimal Requirement

The Jewish people stand in a covenantal relationship with God. Not only as individuals, but also and primarily as a national entity. The nation that consists of individual Jews from all geographical locations and from all generations stands together as … Continue reading

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The Pharisees

The Pharisees   You would expect that the authors of the Christian Scriptures would attempt to teach the doctrines of Christianity. Indeed, the theology of Christianity can be found by reading the letters of Paul. But the writers of the … Continue reading

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Trust and Repentance

Trust and Repentance   Rabbi Shlomo Ibn Gabirol describes the process of repentance as escaping and fleeing from God to God. When we realize the weight of God’s judgment and the evil of sin we recognize that we need to … Continue reading

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