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Fusion and Confusion

Fusion and Confusion   When people of two different cultures attempt to communicate with each other, they often encounter difficulties. There are several factors that serve to frustrate the efforts of these two different people to converse with each other. … Continue reading

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Forming a Nation

Forming a Nation Exodus 13:8, Psalm 78:5 The exodus from Egypt was a foundational event in the history of our nation and the retelling of the story is an important aspect of preserving our heritage as Jews. On the first … Continue reading

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Passover – Genesis 17:7

  Passover – Genesis 17:7   The commandment to partake of the Passover offering is unique in that circumcision is a necessary prerequisite for participation in this observance (Exodus 12:48). The Scriptural narratives that describe the observance of Passover in … Continue reading

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