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Was Jesus a Pharisee? – Excerpt from Supplement to Contra Brown

V. 69. Objection 6.15   It is here that Brown addresses the third of my challenges to him: “An honest reading of the NT will reveal that Jesus and his followers believed in, and observed the unwritten traditions which the Jews … Continue reading

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Pervasive Wisdom – excerpt from Kosher Reality

The Wisdom that is Present Wherever You Look The word “Jew” is a derivative of the Hebrew “Yehuda.” The name “Yehuda” means thanks and acknowledgment (Genesis 29:25), and the calling of the Jew is to praise and acknowledge the goodness … Continue reading

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Hope Being a Jew is all about hope. A hope that the day will come when the world will be what it was meant to be. A world where nation does not lift sword against nation, a world that declares … Continue reading

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