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Deuteronomy 33:4 – Oral Law

Deuteronomy 33:4 – Oral Law   Judaism affirms that God made use of two methods of communication in order to transmit the truths of Judaism from one generation to the next; the written text and the living communication of parent … Continue reading

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The Charolite Trilogy

The Charolite Trilogy   Introduction     The purpose of this trilogy is to help you see the Jewish Christian polemic in a new light. Instead of presenting the arguments of Judaism against Christianity, or Christianity’s response to those arguments, … Continue reading

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Belief System

Belief System The stereotypical debate between the Jew and the Christian missionary centers on scripture. The confrontation will generally open with the missionary quoting a scriptural passage in an attempt to validate Christian doctrine. The debate will usually end with … Continue reading

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Isaiah 53, Micah 7 and Isaiah 62

Isaiah 53, Micah 7 and Isaiah 62   Isaiah 53 (52:13 – 53:12) describes the servant of the Lord who shocks the world with his unexpected exaltation. The prophet presents us with the shocked words of the onlookers as they … Continue reading

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Comfort and Assurance

Comfort and Assurance   “I have said: my strength is lost and my hope from the Lord… “The Lord is my portion”, says my soul, therefore I will hope to Him.” (Lamentations 3:18:24)   There are times when all seems … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on Jeremiah 31 by Thomas

Jeremiah 31:31-34 is an important ‘Proof Text’ for many Christians who believe it foreshadows the replacement of the Mosaic Law with Jesus. However, while Christian apologists claim Jeremiah had an entirely new covenant in mind, biblical scholars disagree, and say … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on Isaiah 53 by Thomas

For many Christians, Isaiah 53 is the granddaddy of proof texts pointing to Jesus from the Jewish Scriptures. Jews and Christians have been arguing over the identity of the ‘Suffering Servant’ since at least the year 248, when the Christian … Continue reading

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Introducing Thomas

Introducing Thomas The readers of this blog are already familiar with Thomas. He has contributed many articulate and insightful comments (see for example “Response to Line of Fire 10”). We are proud to welcome Thomas as a co-author on this … Continue reading

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