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Annelise on the Trinity

Some people use the idea of a dance as a metaphor for the  ‘relationships within God’ that they believe exist. They see it as a dance where  all are one, stepping aside for each other, participating constantly in  movement, creating … Continue reading

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Annelise on “Mystery”

Many humans through history have prayed to our ‘Father in   heaven’. Knowing that we are His creation, we stand before Him like servant   before Master and like child before Father. When Jesus prayed, in the same   way, other people could see … Continue reading

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Horace’s Tree by Jim

Horace has a tree in his backyard that he worships.  But he doesn’t worship it as an entity separate from God. He says that this is the incarnation of the Spirit. He even brings proof texts.  He argues that the … Continue reading

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Rich Resonance – Psalm 119:54

Rich Resonance – Psalm 119:54 Christians see the Jewish Scripture as a music sheet of an exquisite song. The point of the Christian song is Jesus but the harmony reverberates in the Christian’s ear from every page of the book. … Continue reading

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Trinity, Idolatry and Worship

Trinity, Idolatry and Worship As God’s witnesses to the ultimate truth, the Jewish people testify that the Christian worship of Jesus is the idolatry that the Jewish Scripture condemns as the greatest rebellion against God. But isn’t the trinity so … Continue reading

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Early Church History by C. S.

A History Lesson from C. S. Missionaries allege that their belief in the divinity of Jesus is rooted in Jewish Scriptures. Some missionaries take this argument one preposterous step forward. They contend that the veneration of Jesus as a god … Continue reading

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Response to Line of Fire 15

Response to Line of Fire 15   In the October 31 2013 edition of his radio show, Dr. Brown presents one of his old arguments against Judaism. Dr. Brown points to the passage in Exodus 23:2 that charges the courts … Continue reading

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Annelise on The Torah Path

Annelise on The Torah Path   Much of the Christians’ expression of love for God and connection with Him is based on a sense of pathos: awe-filled compassion about the humility and suffering of the incarnation idea. This joins with … Continue reading

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Finally! A Response (almost)

Finally! A Response (almost)   “Contra Brown” was made public (on ) more than five years ago. In that article I critique the core arguments that Dr. Brown makes against Judaism. At the time Dr. Brown assured me that … Continue reading

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Spiritual Responsibility

Spiritual Responsibility Our civilization is structured in such a way that people sometimes need to trust each other. I have never studied medicine. When I need advice in that field I speak to people who have dedicated their lives to … Continue reading

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