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Repentance “Open for Me, My sister My beloved…” (Song of Songs 5:2) “Said the Holy One, Blessed be He to Israel; My children, open for Me an opening of repentance like the eye of a needle, and I will open for … Continue reading

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Kol Nidrei

Kol Nidrei It is an interesting way to open up a day dedicated to repentance. The day that is designated for atonement and returning to God opens with the recital of “Kol Nidrei”. “Kol Nidrei” is not a prayer or … Continue reading

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Pillars of Faith

Pillars of Faith   The Scripture uses various words to speak of the commandments of the Torah. One of the terms that is used to refer to the commandments is the word: “edut” = testimony. In a certain sense all … Continue reading

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Holy Times

Holy Times   The Biblical holidays seem to be divided into two separate cycles; we have the “Three Festivals” (Pesach-Passover, Shavuot-Festival of Weeks and Sukkot-Tabernacles – Exodus 23:14), and we have the “High Holy Days” (Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur and … Continue reading

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Day of Judgment

Day of Judgment   Rosh Hashana, the first day of the seventh month, is known as “Yom HaDin” – “The Day of Judgment”. We have received that on this day God sits on the throne of judgment and judges all … Continue reading

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Dr. Brown – Volume 2

VOLUME II Many of the issues that are discussed in Volume II were already addressed in “Contra Brown” ( ). The following critique is to be read as a supplement to “Contra Brown”. 1. Page 4 Brown addresses Maimonides’ … Continue reading

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