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Facing Scripture

Facing Scripture   In the spring of 2010 I wrote a booklet entitled “The Elephant and the Suit” . This work is a critique of Dr. Michael Brown’s five volume series in which he attempts to argue for the … Continue reading

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Seeds of Auschwitz

  Seeds of Auschwitz   The institutionalized movement to draw the hearts of people to Jesus has long seen the need to teach mankind about Jews and Judaism. By the time the books of the Christian Scriptures were put into … Continue reading

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In Search of Victimhood

In Search of Victimhood     The tendency of man is to focus on that which is most obvious. The loudest, most colorful, most attractive and most forceful draws our attention and skews our perspective of reality. Our enthrallment with … Continue reading

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Kosher Reality

      Kosher Reality   A Jewish Response to “The Real Kosher Jesus” by Dr. Michael L Brown   Introduction When Rabbi Shmuli Boteach published a book entitled “Kosher Jesus” a storm erupted. Jews criticized the book for its … Continue reading

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Never Alone by Annelise

Never Alone by Annelise   On the path through life with God, people experience times of uncertainty or crisis. Unanswered questions and painful experiences can make it hard to trust that we are walking securely, with God lovingly guiding the … Continue reading

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