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Heart of a Relationship

Heart of a Relationship Christians contend that Jesus was a manifestation of God. They compare Jesus to the fire of the burning bush that Moses saw at Horeb (Exodus 3:4), to the pillar of cloud that led the Israelites in … Continue reading

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Respect for the Process

Respect for the Process Christians and Moslems make strong claims about their respective faiths. They both believe that people who do not subscribe to their particular brand of Christianity or Islam will suffer eternally. They do not hesitate to share … Continue reading

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Revised Messiah – Excerpt from Critique of Vol. 4

IV. 5. Objection 5.15 Brown presents an objection to Christianity: “When Jesus failed to fulfill the prophecies, his followers invented the myth of his substitutionary death, his resurrection, and finally his second coming, which, of course, they completely expected in … Continue reading

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Messianic Discrimination – a response to James

“To them, all Jews are still Jews, whether they be  atheist, agnostic, Chassidic, Orthodox or Reformed- EXCEPT for those Jews who  believe that Yeshua is the Messiah!!!”                                                                                                         James Ashmore January 2014   Dear James It  seems that you are … Continue reading

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Jim’s Journey – by Jim

I usually say it began when I was 31, which is true, in a way.  In another way, it’s more true to say it began when I was about 13 or 14.  At that time, I read Josh McDowell’s “Evidence … Continue reading

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Power and Purpose

Power and Purpose   Of all of the plagues with which God struck the Egyptians it is the smiting of the firstborn that is singled out for its own remembrance (Exodus 13:2). What is this remembrance? God tells the Jewish … Continue reading

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Devotion to a Distinct Personality by Annelise

Devotion to a Distinct Personality by Annelise Sometimes the worshipers of Jesus who want to share their beliefs with others try to separate three ideas, which actually can’t stand independently in this conversation. First, that there can be an ‘incarnation’ … Continue reading

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Riding the Light – Excerpt from Seventh Response to D.L.

The greatest light is God’s truth. The greatest happiness of humanity is to receive that light – and God promised that humanity will one day merit to receive that light (Isaiah 60:3). At the time of creation, God planted certain … Continue reading

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