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Letter to Aryeh Leib

Shalom Aryeh Leib Thanks again for the time and effort you have taken to write your response. It seems that you have a problem with my method of arranging my points according to topics as opposed to a point by … Continue reading

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A Letter to Boruch

1) In order to serve God in a general way, it is perhaps sufficient, to follow one’s moral instincts to the best of one’s ability. But in order to serve God in a particular way (such as both Judaism and … Continue reading

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The Transformation

The Transformation How could a wicked person be considered righteous before God? Is there anything that the sinner can do to cleanse him or herself so as to be considered righteous? The Jew and the Christian would supply two different … Continue reading

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The Responsibility of Israel

Israel’s Responsibility God made a covenant with the nation of Israel when He took them out of Egypt. As part of this covenant God entrusted the Jewish people with the responsibility of preserving His word and passing them on to … Continue reading

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Dr. Brown – Volume 3

VOLUME III 1. Objection 4:1 Brown discusses a Jewish objection to Christianity. “If Jesus is really the Messiah, and if he is so important, why doesn’t the Torah speak of him at all?” Brown responds on behalf of Christianity. “You … Continue reading

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Dr. Brown – Volume 1

The underlying premise of Brown’s work is that if all the pertinent information were to be put on the table, the human sensitivity to truth would choose Christianity over Judaism. These five volumes serve to confirm the exact opposite. Brown … Continue reading

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The Context of Scripture

The Context of Scripture Any teacher could confirm that the arrangement of information will affect the manner in which the subject matter is assimilated. A wise educator will organize his or her lessons in a manner that will maximize the … Continue reading

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Faith structure

Faith Structure The Church insists that the belief system of Christianity stands on the words of the Jewish scriptures. The prophets of the Jewish scripture foretold the advent of the Messiah. According to the Christian interpretation of the Jewish scriptures, … Continue reading

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Myth versus Reality

The Myth of “Post Temple Judaism” Versus the Reality of Post Pauline Christianity The Tannaitic and Amoraic periods of Jewish history parallel the first several centuries of the Common Era. The classical works of the Mishna, the Talmud, and most … Continue reading

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The Polar Opposite

The Polar Opposite The Jewish prophets foretold the coming of the Messiah. The Scriptures refer to the Messiah by the name: David (Jeremiah 30:9, Ezekiel 34:23,24, 37:24 and Hosea 3:5). Some understand this to mean that the Messiah will be … Continue reading

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