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Different Standards – by Jim

You have identified the source of the impossibility of any meeting of the minds between yourself and those that adhere to the Torah of HaShem: the two sides of the argument appeal to two different standards of evidence. Those that … Continue reading

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Take Three – by Mordechai Gold

Take Three In Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus, Volume 3, Dr. Brown addresses a charge leveled at Paul. As Dr. Brown words the challenge, “Paul claimed that the Hebrew Scriptures prophesied the resurrection of the Messiah on the third day. … Continue reading

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The “Lost” Genealogies – by Jim

One of the most fascinating arguments that Christians raise regarding the proposed Messiahship of Jesus is that no living candidate can prove himself to be a descendant of David, because the family trees were burned with the Second Temple. This … Continue reading

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Faith Crisis – by Annelise

Every human is familiar with inner conflict. The sensations, emotions, thoughts, ideas, and values that we have don’t always align or work together. We try to find unified ways to think and live, and yet, internal conflict resolution doesn’t always … Continue reading

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