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Isaiah 1:18

Isaiah 1:18 On the Sabbath before Tish’a B’Av, the day that is designated as a commemoration for the destruction of the Temple, we read from the first passage in Isaiah (1:1 – 1:27). This passage teaches us why we are … Continue reading

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Ramifications of Shema III – Isaiah 2:5

Ramifications of Shema III – Isaiah 2:5 In the previous article (“Ramifications of Shema II – Psalm 63:4) we spoke of the joy that is inherent in obedience to God. How obedience comes with the recognition that God chose me … Continue reading

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Ramifications of Shema II – Psalm 63:4

Ramifications of Shema II – Psalm 63:4 In my article entitled “Ramifications of Shema”, I presented the concept that with the knowledge that God is the only power firmly planted into our hearts, we come to the realization that we … Continue reading

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Validating the Oral Law

Judaism claims that it possesses an authentic understanding of the Biblical laws that goes beyond the words that are written in the Bible. According to Judaism, when God taught Moses each of the laws, He did not just recite to … Continue reading

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Ramifications of Shema

Ramifications of the Shema In the previous article we explained the second phrase in the Shema as: “we recognize that the Lord is the only power – and that we pledge to live our lives in light of that recognition”. … Continue reading

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The Shema

The Shema “Hear O Israel, the Lord is our God, the Lord is One.” (Deuteronomy 6:4) Generally, we tend to focus on the last point of the passage: the oneness of God. I want to call attention to the second … Continue reading

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Mourners of Zion

Mourners of Zion The three weeks; from the 17th of Tammuz until the 9th of Av, were designated by the spiritual leadership of Eternal Israel as a time of mourning for the destruction of the Temple. The fact is that … Continue reading

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Response to Line of Fire 10

Response to The Line of Fire 10 On the July 7 2011 segment of Dr. Brown’s radio show: “The Line of Fire” he addressed several video clips by Rabbi Eli Cohen ( ). In this article we will address … Continue reading

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Explaining Judaism to a Teenager

Explaining Judaism to a Teenager I don’t have to tell you that teenagers ask questions.  – How do you answer them? There is only one way to do it: Honestly. So when your teenager asks you: How do we know … Continue reading

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Explaining Judaism to a Child

Explaining Judaism to a Child Children ask questions. That is how God created them. The interaction that is generated by the questions children ask is a key component in the education of the child (- adults can learn a lot … Continue reading

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