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Dr. Brown – Volume 4

VOLUME IV 1. Objections 5.1 thru 5.5 In these pages Brown attempts to explain the usage of the Jewish scriptures by the authors of the Christian Scriptures. In many cases these authors seem to be misquoting or misinterpreting the text … Continue reading

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Letter to SY about Messiah

The following essay was sent to a Messianic leader. He suggested that we exchange our respective views about the Messiah that was predicted by the prophets of the Jewish Scriptures. I sent him my point of view, but I never received … Continue reading

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The Guide

The Guide (A Jewish Encounter with a Missionary) The conversation was unsettling. Your friend has just revealed to you that he or she now believes in Jesus, or Yeshua as he or she prefers to call him. No, your friend … Continue reading

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