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Christianity Unmasked

Christianity Unmasked   Preface   A brief word of caution before you begin reading. I will be speaking ill of Christianity and its founder. I will not mince my words; stop here if you don’t want to go there.   … Continue reading

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Milk, Meat and Firstfruits

Exodus 23:19, 34:26 “The first-fruit of your land shall you bring to the house of the Lord your God; Do not cook a kid in its mother’s milk” What is the connection between these two commandments? What does cooking a … Continue reading

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Exodus 21 – Law and Grace

Exodus 21 – Law and Grace The literary setup of the book of Exodus is pretty straightforward. It begins with the experience of the Jewish people in Egypt. The book describes the miraculous deliverance from slavery. We move from there … Continue reading

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Seventh Response to Dalton Lifsey

Seventh Response to Dalton Lifsey Dalton First; a word on the purpose of this discussion. You are quick to accuse me of using “circular reasoning”. You seem to be under the assumption that the only reason I do not … Continue reading

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Hezekiah and Isaiah (14:25 – 49:6)

Hezekiah and Isaiah (14:25 – 49:6) The book of Isaiah can be divided into two parts. The first part of the book (ch. 1 – 36) builds up towards the Assyrian invasion and the destruction of Sennacherib’s army. The second … Continue reading

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Sixth Response to Dalton Lifsey – Persuasion vs. Education Part III

Sixth Response to Dalton Lifsey – Persuasion vs. Education Part III Dalton Thank you for proving my original point. It was YOU who asked that this discussion be moved to the text. Please stick to your own guidelines for … Continue reading

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Fifth Response to Dalton Lifsey – Isaiah 9:5,6 (6,7)

Fifth Response to Dalton Lifsey – Isaiah 9:5,6 (6,7)   Dalton   I will be using the numbering of the verses from the Hebrew Bible.   Translation   I will first tell you that the verse can be … Continue reading

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