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Joy and Repentance

Joy and Repentance The holiday of Sukkot (Tabernacles) follows immediately after Yom Kippur, a day dedicated for repentance and forgiveness. Sukkot is called “the time of Joy” and it is understood that the connection between these two holidays is that … Continue reading

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Supplement to Noachide Worship – by Jim

(in response to Thomas,   Thank you for you comment.   Allow me to clarify things with two examples of errors that have cropped up because of the religious emotion:   1. A few years ago, I was at … Continue reading

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Shattering Myths

Shattering Myths The foundational texts of Christianity take the time to tell their readers much about Jews and Judaism. The writings of the Church Fathers and the subsequent luminaries of the various Churches maintained this pattern of instructing their respective … Continue reading

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Holocaust: – An Open Letter to “Concerned Reader”

Holocaust: – An Open Letter to “Concerned Reader” Dear Concerned Reader I wrote that without Christianity the holocaust would have never happened. You called my statement “inflammatory” and “speculative.” You justify your position with the claim that Hitler and the … Continue reading

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Test of Love

Test of Love “Do not listen to the words of that prophet or that dreamer of dreams, for the Lord your God is testing you to know whether you love the Lord your God with all your heart and all … Continue reading

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Messiah – Letter and Spirit

Messiah – Letter and Spirit The prophets of the Jewish Scriptures pointed mankind to a glorious future. They spoke about a future of peace and harmony, blessing and happiness together with a universal submission to God. And the prophets spoke … Continue reading

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Isaiah 2:22

Originally posted on 1000 Verses – a project of Judaism Resources:
Isaiah 2:22 Many Christians have a difficult time understanding why it is that Jews view their faith in Jesus as idolatrous. Christians assert that Jesus is “one and the same”…

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Originally posted on 1000 Verses – a project of Judaism Resources:
Repentance “Open for Me, My sister My beloved…” (Song of Songs 5:2) “Said the Holy One, Blessed be He to Israel; My children, open for Me an opening of repentance like…

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