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Timeless Teaching

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Jacob’s Vow

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Foundational Claims – excerpt from Supplement

In order to establish the logical principles that God exists and that He is in control of nature, God turned over the world (with the miracles of the exodus and Sinai). He did this in front of an entire nation. … Continue reading

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Intercession Abraham’s intercession for the people of Sodom (Genesis 18:23-33) must rank as one of the more enigmatic passages in Scripture. The people of Sodom were the epitome of cruelty and wickedness while Abraham was kind and righteous. Why would … Continue reading

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Journey of Truth

Journey of Truth The prophet Jeremiah brings a harsh message of admonition from God to the Jewish people. “What wrong did your forefathers find in Me that they distanced themselves from Me and went after futility and became futile? And … Continue reading

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The Song of the Well

The Song of the Well In the book of Numbers (21:17-20) we are told that Israel sang a song about the well that accompanied them in the desert. The Talmud teaches that this song was part of a tri-weekly cycle … Continue reading

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Curse Reverser – Psalm 133:3

Curse Reverser – Psalm 133:3 Adam’s sin brought God’s curse and death into this world (Genesis 3:17-19). After all, God created a good world (Genesis 1:31). It was all built on God’s command (Psalm 148:5). Every facet of creation was … Continue reading

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