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Weeks of Harvest – Jeremiah 5:24

Weeks of Harvest – Jeremiah 5:24 The Bible does not explicitly describe Shavuot, the Festival of Weeks, as the day of the giving of the Torah. We can calculate that the date of the festival coincides with that historic revelation … Continue reading

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Excerpt from Vol. 4 – Sabbath

If we focus on what God teaches us about the Sabbath in the Jewish Scriptures it will become obvious that not only did the followers of Jesus do away with God’s Sabbath (something that they never tried to hide), but … Continue reading

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Fire, Offerings and Passover

Fire, Offerings and Passover There is no Hebrew counter-part for the English word: “sacrifice”. The terms that the Bible uses to describe the sacrifices in the Temple are: “olah” – a word that represents the burning of the offering with … Continue reading

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