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Kitten Imagine a little kitten. It is entirely possible for a person to find some positive feelings in his or her heart towards this kitten. Now, if someone were to encourage you to engender a positive feeling in your heart toward … Continue reading

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Trinity Parable – by Jim

Theophilus In one of your links, the intent is to explain why Jews do not accept the Trinity. The explanation begins like this: “We see hints of the trinity in the Torah because we know about it.” This statement is … Continue reading

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Jewish Self-Identity; an excerpt from “Covenant Nation”

In his description of the sense of Jewish self-identity that preceded Christianity, Boyarin has forgotten a key element in that sense of self-identity. The Jewish people did not just see themselves merely as a community; they saw themselves as a … Continue reading

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Incarnation and Definition of Marriage

Incarnation and Definition of Marriage Reverend Smith’s gaze shifted from Mary to Jane and back to Mary again. The Pastor broke the long silence: “What! You want to get married in MY church?! Don’t you know where I stand on … Continue reading

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Idolatry and Adultery – excerpt from The Elephant and the Suit

Dr. Brown’s failure to acknowledge Scripture’s emphasis of the Sinai revelation in connection to God’s teaching against idolatry is only the beginning of Dr. Brown’s misrepresentation of the Jewish position on this issue. As serious as this omission is, and … Continue reading

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Idolatry – by Concerned Reader

I often find that well meaning Christians, and well meaning Jews talk past and over each other on the question of idolatry, its proper definition, and whether or not a given person is engaged in the service of idols in … Continue reading

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Childishly Easy – An Open Response to Charles

Childishly Easy – An Open Response to Charles This article is in response to Charles Soper’s comments: Charles You define the “watershed” between us as a debate about God’s nature. Your assessment has no basis in reality. … Continue reading

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