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Usurper in Triplicate

Usurper in Triplicate Who is the book about? Who are the main characters in this story? What is the central theme of the narrative? These are the questions that we ask ourselves when we read any work of literature.  It … Continue reading

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Jeremiah 10:23

Jeremiah 10:23 Justice and kindness are prominent themes in the Jewish Scriptures. Jeremiah, Micah (6:8) and Moses (Genesis 18:19) all put these concepts at the center of our relationship with God. Why? Here is a thought. The basis of our … Continue reading

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Supplement to an “Open Letter”

Supplement to Rabbi Eli Cohen’s Open Letter I received varying reactions to Rabbi Cohen’s letter. As usual, Sharlee’s comment was insightful, encouraging and to the point. But not all reactions were so friendly. In light of this, I figured a … Continue reading

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An Open Letter from Rabbi Eli Cohen

Where do the Jews play a role in G-d’s plan? “Israel has not fulfilled in any measure its role to be a priestly nation for over 2,000 years. That’s the charge against G-d’s people.” I would say that such a … Continue reading

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Goldberg vs. Brown

My article entitled ‘Response to the Line of Fire 9″ ended with the following appeal to Dr. Michael L. Brown: I would like to end this critique with an appeal to Dr. Brown. The myth of the “blindness of the Jew” … Continue reading

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Response to the Line of Fire 9

Response to the Line of Fire 9 On the June 9 2011 edition of his Line of Fire radio show , Dr. Brown interacts with an audio clip of a talk by Rabbi Michael Skobac of Jews for Judaism. The … Continue reading

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The Festival of weeks – Isaiah 41:8

Festival of Weeks – Isaiah 41:8  Love doesn’t calculate. Love does not hear the discouraging voices.  Love is innocent. Love yearns and it follows. But love does not ask: what will I gain? Could I really get there? Scripture doesn’t … Continue reading

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