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The Real Jewish Messiah: Rabbi Blumenthal Debates Dr. Brown part 3

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The Real Jewish Messiah – part 3; Notes

  The Real Jewish Messiah, Rabbi Blumenthal Debates Dr. Brown – Part 3 We have arrived at the third and final segment in the debate about the real Jewish Messiah. Where do we stand? What have we learned thus far? … Continue reading

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Innocence or Righteousness? – by Alan

The following is a letter from Alan on Paul’s abuse of the Jewish Bible recorded in Romans 4:3. In that passage Paul quotes Genesis 15:6 where Abraham’s faith is counted as “tzedakah.” Paul reads this as if it said that … Continue reading

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Trinity Parable – by Jim

Theophilus In one of your links, the intent is to explain why Jews do not accept the Trinity. The explanation begins like this: “We see hints of the trinity in the Torah because we know about it.” This statement is … Continue reading

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Open Letter to KAVI – from Jim

Kavi, The Torah is not your plaything. It is not right for you to misrepresent its teachings the way you do. It is not right for you to substitute your own teachings for those of HaShem. It is not right … Continue reading

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From a Former Christian

RT, thats exactly how I felt in college studyimg both Judaism and Christianity. Its profoundly sad, because When Christianity started, it started as a small Jewish sect, (with messianic ideas probably not disimmilar from those in Chabad, except centered around … Continue reading

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Riding the Light – Excerpt from Seventh Response to D.L.

Originally posted on 1000 Verses – a project of Judaism Resources:
The greatest light is God’s truth. The greatest happiness of humanity is to receive that light – and God promised that humanity will one day merit to receive that light…

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