The Polar Opposite

The Polar Opposite
The Jewish prophets foretold the coming of the Messiah. The Scriptures refer to the Messiah by the name: David (Jeremiah 30:9, Ezekiel 34:23,24, 37:24 and Hosea 3:5).

Some understand this to mean that the Messiah will be David himself. According to these commentators, God will resurrect David to reign as the Messiah of Israel. Others understand that the Messiah will actually be a descendant of David. The prophets call the Messiah by David’s name, because the Messiah will occupy David’s position.

All agree that in order to understand the Messiah of the Jewish Scriptures, we must study David. King David is either the Messiah himself or the chief Biblical prototype of the Messiah.

David’s heart is open for us to read. The Book of Psalms are filled with David’s praise for God, his love for God, his trust in God, his yearning for God and his love for God’s holy Law. David’s complete dependence upon God is accentuated, emphasized and displayed most openly again and again. David’s book and David’s life direct all of our attention, all of our hearts, all of our emotions, and all of our devotion and worship towards the Creator of the world. David diverts none of the attention towards himself. On the contrary, David speaks most openly of his own sins, his faults and his utter helplessness before God.

The Messiah, like David, will direct all of mankind’s attention towards the Creator of the universe and only towards the Creator of the universe. When the Messiah’s mission is complete, then; “The Lord alone will be exalted on that day” (Isaiah 2:17).

The central character of the Christian Scriptures is a man who seeks attention for himself. His goal is to divert the heart, the emotions, the devotion and worship of Mankind towards his own personality. He attempts to obfuscate his own helplessness before God with the veil of his claim to divinity.

If we were to say that this man cannot be the Messiah, we would have said too little. The founder of Christianity stands as the polar opposite of the Messiah of the Jewish Scriptures.

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  4. lori says:

    Rabbi please sight in the bible where it says there is reincarnation….. for me.

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