Usurper in Triplicate

Usurper in Triplicate

Who is the book about? Who are the main characters in this story? What is the central theme of the narrative?

These are the questions that we ask ourselves when we read any work of literature.  It is important for us to distinguish between the fundamental and the peripheral, between the center-stage and the back-drop.

There is no reason that we should treat the Jewish Bible with less consideration than we would treat any other written work.

So who is the Jewish Bible about? Who are the main characters of this story? What is the central theme of the Bible narrative?

The Jewish Bible is about God and the people of Israel. God and the nation of Israel are the central characters in the book. The central theme of the Jewish Bible is the ongoing relationship between God and the Jewish people.  God’s law stands at the center of this relationship.  By presenting His holy and perfect law to the Jewish people, God gave them the path through which they can express their loyalty and their love to the God of their fathers.

To recap: God is the Divine lover, Israel is His bride, and the Torah is the heart of their relationship. This is the focus of the Jewish Scriptures.

Enter Christianity.

Christianity attempts to reject God’s bride; Israel. They proclaim to Israel: “you are NOT the children of Abraham”.  Christianity attempts to teach mankind that the God of Israel is unapproachable. And Christianity attempts to malign God’s law with the contention that it is impossible.

In place of Israel, Christianity attempts to insert Jesus; who they claim to be the embodiment of everything that is good about Israel. In place of God, Christianity proposes Jesus; an approachable man. And in place of the Torah, Christianity advocates Jesus as: “the way, the light and the truth”.

Jesus demands the reverence that is coming to the God of Israel, Jesus claims the blessings of God’s bride; Israel, and Jesus seeks the obedience that belongs to the Torah.

Usurper in triplicate.

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8 Responses to Usurper in Triplicate

  1. naaria says:

    The trinity of replacement theology.

  2. Naaria
    Even those who claim to have rejected replacement theology still reject Israel – they pay lip-service to the truth that Israel is God’s elect – but they have eviscerated that truth from all meaning. These people do not believe that Israel is still God’s witness, they attribute no authority to our teachers and they beleve that the sanctity that we experience is demonic – so in what way are we “elect”?

    • naaria says:

      Agreed. Those Christians, that I know who say that they now reject “replacement theology” (& many do sincerely believe that they do reject it), still often replace the name of G-d with Jesus, still replace Israel with Jesus or the church or their vision of G-d’s kingdom, and still replace Torah with Jesus’s teaching. A “new trinity”. When they celebrate the Jewish holiday’s, Jesus replaces G-d and symbols are Christianized. When they teach “Torah”, Jesus is everywhere to be found in place of G-d and Christian meanings replace the clear, original meanings.

  3. Dina says:


  4. Fred says:

    I have strong reason to believe that were it not for Israel’s existence, humanity would not still exist. God keeps the world alive for the sake of His Jewish people. That may sound arrogant, but I believe that is the truth.

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