Rich Resonance – Psalm 119:54

Rich Resonance – Psalm 119:54

Christians see the Jewish Scripture as a music sheet of an exquisite song. The point of the Christian song is Jesus but the harmony reverberates in the Christian’s ear from every page of the book.

Then the Christian meets a Jew. The Jew tells him that this book has nothing to do with Jesus. The Christian listens to the Jewish arguments about translation and context and is unmoved. In the mind of the Christian, the Jew is making a tragic mistake. The Jew is reading the music notes without realizing that this is music. The Jew seems to be looking at the notes as if they were a story about some stickmen climbing a ladder. How can you argue with someone about music when they are completely tone-deaf?

What the Christian fails to realize is that music is subjective. Those who composed the Jesus song used the notes that they found in the Jewish Bible but the song did not come from the book; it came from their hearts. When a person’s heart is overwhelmed with love and devotion then they hear music everywhere.

The Jewish Scripture is a book of music but it is important to bend your heart to the music of the book and not bend the book to the music of your heart.

The music is deep and the music is rich. It starts from the simple and straightforward meaning of the words. It continues through the observance of the commandments in the life of Eternal Israel. Israel’s prayer, Israel’s conversation over God’s Law and Israel’s life as God’s witnesses resonate through the ages. Each of these contributes to the overall harmony and not one of these is ignored.

The pain and persecutions of exile have caused the song to become dim in the ears of some. But for some the song rang so deeply that they gave their lives for God with happy hearts.

As time wanders along more and more people are hearing the song. The basic notes of justice, charity and holiness point to a faith and trust in the One Creator who loves us all.

This is how the song goes:

In the beginning God created heaven and earth…

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Yisroel C. Blumenthal


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7 Responses to Rich Resonance – Psalm 119:54

  1. Annelise says:

    Oh…thank God for the message He puts in your hearts, for His faithfulness to each person and for the faithfulness of many people to that music. How could the world exist without this light.

  2. Dina says:

    The analogy to music is perfect. When Christian doctrine is forced into Hebrew scripture, it’s like forcing a harmony that is really dissonant–and the effect is jarring.

    • B.J.Stone says:

      glad to see you using the key word “doctrine”,
      we assume you are referring to ‘nicolaitanism’ (‘conquering the laity’ away from the one, the only true music maker, ALWAYS in harmony)

      • Yedidiah says:

        Doctrine is not only a codification, but it includes “a body of teachings or instructions, taught principles” as in your doctrine of teachings which are not harmonious with Tanach and which appears to be an attempt to “conquer the laity away” from the One God that they know.

  3. Shomer says:

    When I was a Christian the following verse was a meaningful scripture to me;

    Psalms 119:105 NUN. Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.

    “Thy word” meant that it referred primarily to the so-called New Testament of a tri-une divinity which was focussed on “Jesus”. And along with this I was told that the Torah is invalid now. Today, I know that the Torah is “Thy word” and the “NT” is invalid. HalleluJAH.

    • B.J.Stone says:

      congratulations on finding out the ‘other jesus’ exists, in ‘masses’ on their ‘broad road’ to resurrection from here (mostly taken from the ‘translations’ of the ‘majority texts’ found) but, ALL will attend their own individual ‘order’ of the promised resurrection and next life FROM HERE, whether on the ‘broad or narrow’ road, even unto genuine or again ‘majority’ next life ‘pilgrims’ still unable to find the genuine ‘harmony’ throughout !

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