Where is his Birth Certificate?

Where is his Birth Certificate?


Christians insist that Jesus is the Messiah. They base this belief on the faulty claim that Jesus “fulfilled” many prophecies concerning the Messiah. We have already demonstrated that this missionary claim is without foundation. Most of these “prophecies” are not messianic and the ones that cannot apply to Jesus. (https://yourphariseefriend.wordpress.com/2013/01/17/the-applicant-with-353-references/ )


Another point to consider is the fact that there is no evidence that Jesus even fulfilled the Christian interpretation of these prophecies. Let us take the passage in Micah 5 which predicts that the Messiah will arise from the Bethlehmite clan. Christians have misinterpreted this passage and arrived at the erroneous conclusion that the Messiah needs to be born in the city of Bethlehem. The Church then claims that Jesus fulfilled this “prophecy” by being born in Bethlehem.


Putting aside the fact that the prophecy says nothing about the geographical location of the Messiah’s birth (it speaks of Bethlehem as the name of a clan, not as the name of a city), how can anyone know if Jesus was truly born in Bethlehem?


Christians respond to this by pointing to the gospels. The gospel writers report that he was born in Bethlehem, so there you have it, black on white.


But why should we believe the gospel writers?


At this point in the argument the followers of Jesus respond with the brilliant formula; two wrongs make a right! There is no evidence to the events described in the Jewish Bible so how can you criticize the Christians for believing the events recorded in the Christians Scriptures?


Those who use this argument have given evidence that their faith has no foundation in fact. But even more, those who use this argument demonstrate that they have no understanding of the faith structure of the Jewish Bible.


The faith that is spoken of in the Jewish Bible stands on the testimony of a nation who experienced the foundational events of Judaism: the exodus, the Sinai revelation and the wandering in the wilderness. This testimony was passed on to the physical descendants of those who were impacted by these events. This testimony confirms the two foundational truths of Judaism: that our hearts belong to the One Creator of heaven and earth and that Moses is His prophet. The teachings of Moses guide us in the acceptance of the other prophets and divinely inspired writings. It is on the basis of what Moses taught us that we accept the rest of the books of Scripture.


To put this in the form of a chart we would describe the faith structure of Judaism as follows:

1 – National testimony from the physical descendants of those who experienced the exodus, the Sinai revelation and the miraculous wandering through the desert.

2 – Foundational truths confirmed by this testimony. That God is One and that Moses is His prophet.

3 – The teachings of Moses which guide us in all areas in life including in the realm of accepting or rejecting prophets and canonical books.

4 – Accepting the canon of the Jewish Bible on the basis of applying the teachings of Moses.


In contrast, the Christian faith structure would appear as follows:


1 – Testimony of the gospels.

2 – The testimony of the gospels confirms that Jesus is the Messiah.

3 – The alleged Messiah-ship of Jesus confirms that the gospel writers are telling the truth.


So where is his birth certificate?


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8 Responses to Where is his Birth Certificate?

  1. Dina says:

    Thanks! I hope Matthew and David will read this.

    Have a good Shabbos,

  2. Nada Nadie says:

    The notion that Christians are the ones that insist that Jesus is the Messiah just shows how dishonest the author of this blog is. SMH.

    Let’s reveiew just a FEW facts shall we:

    FACT 1
    The apostle John ; A JEW, is one of many individuals of the JEWISH people to insist that Yeshua is the Moshiach.

    FACT 2
    The apostle Peter, A JEW, is one of many individuals of the JEWISH people to insist that Yeshua is the Moshiach

    FACT 3
    The apostle Matthew ; A JEW, is one of many individuals of the JEWISH people to insist that Yeshua is the Moshiach

    FACT 4
    The apostle Paul ; A JEW, and A PHARASIE, is one of many individuals of the JEWISH people to insist that Yeshua is the Moshiach

    Therefore, the first sentence in this blog is incorrect the therefore the straw man arguments that follow from it are logically wrong.

    I rest my case and may the God of Israel live and have mercy on his people.

    • Annelise says:

      Christian just means follower of Jesus. The people you mentioned were Christian Jews. No falsehood in the statement.

    • LarryB says:

      NN- so who is jesus then?the only people I have heard talk about the jesus god or jesus the messiah.

      • Sophie Saguy says:

        Who cares who Jesus was (if he existed at all?). Jews followed the false god Ba’al — so would you worship Ba’al simply because some Jews were led astray and did so?

        Throughout history Jews have awaited the messiah — and we have been mistaken more than once on who might have been the messiah. The great R’ Akiva thought that (Shimon ben Koziva aka “Bar Kochba”) was the messiah (132–135 C.E.). He wasn’t the messiah.

        Since Jews thought Koziva was the messiah why aren’t you worshiping him if your only criteria is that some Jews thought he was the messiah?

        You might want to read Why Jews Know Jesus was a false messiah? http://messiahtruth.yuku.com/topic/467

        • LarryB says:

          I did not ask the question correctly, and have no belief in J at all. It would be great if you would respond to David’s claim that Christianity has more credibility than Judaism in his last post.

          • Sophie Saguy says:

            Larry, I’ll look for David’s posting — but how can one claim that a religion based on the anonymous writings of people unknown are more credible than national revelation — where our OWN ancestors (3 million of them) heard G-d speak at Sinai. Those same 3 million witnessed G-d’s glory every day for 40 years of wandering in the desert. The descendents of those 3 million have not only taught their children and their children’s children — but we have historical proof that people such as King David existed — while the Christians can’t even prove that the man they worship ever lived — let alone that he did the things attributed to him in the Christian bible.

        • Junior says:

          Hello sophiee
          Do u have an email address that i could ask you some questions on?
          As u seem to know your stuff

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