Watch Out!

Watch Out!

There are different ways of keeping you from finding out the truth. One method that has been used is the banning of books. Another method that has been used to keep people from the truth is discouraging them from studying. These methods don’t work that well. Many people immediately see the motivation behind the book-banning and the words against studying. But there is a different method, a more insidious method of keeping people from the truth.

By calling your theological opponents “blind” you will successfully keep your flock from the truth. It will not even occur to them that there is another way of looking at things. Your followers will already “know” why others don’t agree with you.

If your teachers are telling you that those who don’t see the Bible as they do are “spiritually blinded”, then you are probably being kept from the truth.

Watch out! And don’t say that you weren’t warned.

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Yisroel C. Blumenthal


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5 Responses to Watch Out!

  1. Tsvi Jacobson says:

    Ah yes talk about spiritual blindness. Lets see what Jesus said
    John 9
    “If you were blind you would have no sin, but because you say WE SEE
    therefore YOUR SIN REMAINS”
    I think those who feel they are so superior as to say others are BLIND
    ought to truly listen to their “messiah” You see blind people cannot be
    expected to see therefore sin cannot be charged against them (no hell for them either)
    But the ones who say WE SEE better check themselves out before stating others
    are blind.

  2. Dina says:

    Saying that others don’t get it because they’re spiritually blind is intellectually lazy; it absolves you of the responsibility to evaluate their arguments objectively to see if they are sound.

  3. yashar19 says:

    Good point. It is cheap to just say that your opponents are spiritually blind. It would be much more constructive to explore what makes one spiritually seeing.

    So what makes one spiritually seeing? The obvious answer is the revelation which the One who is spiritually seeing has given us in the Torah and through the prophets. However many who had this revelation were still spiritually blind anyway. What are the components apart from this, of being spiritually seeing?

    The prophets became spiritually seeing because G-d’s spirit rested upon them.

    Most of the prophets were devoted to G-d and obedient to his word. Those who disobeyed lost their spiritual vision (eg Samson, Jonah).

    Abraham’s spiritual sight came through his faith in G-d’s promise.

    Enoch walked with G-d and saw the flood coming, so he called his son Methuselah (which means “his death shall bring judgment”).

    I want to add to this list humility as an essential for spiritual insight. I’m sure there are more essentials we could add (please add your comments).

    So we need to be humbly walking with G-d, in faith, obedience and devotion, having G-d’s spirit upon us, instead of bagging out others.

    I’ll put a little parable here about faith which I wrote some time ago which illustrates a couple of mistakes some people make which blind their spiritual vision:

    The parable of the Messenger.

    A man went on an important mission traveling along a difficult road. The road had many bends, narrow passages and river crossings. After he had traveled quite a distance it got dark, but he had to keep on going.

    Around midnight there was a messenger stationed on the road. He said, “You must turn around.” “The bridge further on this road is broken, you can not get accross.” “Turn around and go West.” You will find a bridge there and you can be on your way.”

    The man said to himself, “How do I know if this man is telling the truth? There may be robbers on the other road”, even though the messenger had spoken to him with a sense of authority. He also reasoned that seeing is believing, so he continued on toward the broken bridge. When he got there he moved towards the water to inspect the bridge, and got eaten by a wild animal.

    Another man came along the same road and he also met with the messenger, who said, “You must turn around.” “The bridge further on this road is broken, you can not get accross.” “Turn around and go West.” You will find a bridge there and you can be on your way.” The man turned around as instructed and went the way the messenger had described.

    The events of that night made the messenger ponder about the essence of faith.

    But then a third man came across the same place. The messenger began to speak, “You must turn around.” “The bridge further on this road is broken, you can not get accross”…

    “Oh, ok then”, the man said and he turned around to go a different way. He missed the rest of the instructions because he was wise in his own eyes. There was a sign which read, “Trust in the LORD with all thy heart, and lean not upon thine own understanding.” He did not know how to do the former, so he did the latter and just kept going.

    The next day people found that he had died a worse death than the first man.

    Blessings & Shalom.

  4. John Johnson says:

    Another method is fear, if you do not believe that jesus is god, you will spend eternity in the fires of hell. If you choose to leave the annals of christendom, you can never return for you are twice crucifying the messiah and that cannot be done, you will spend eternity in the fires of hell! If you don’t believe that jesus is your savior, you will burn in the fires of hell! Fairly intimidating to the novice or new seeker. Then you can keep them scared by telling them the Law (Torah) was crucified with jesus and if you try and keep it you are looking for salvation in your works, and that is again a death sentence, why would anyone want to become a “Jew” anyway. All Jews will burn in hell anyway because they denied their messiah jesus. It is all CRAP, it is all Lies, but the lay person will fall for these things and NEVER question them because the pastor told them so.

    Shalom ,

  5. yossi z says:

    and if they are blind then would a merciful God burn them?

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