Rich Resonance – Psalm 119:54

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Rich Resonance – Psalm 119:54

Christians see the Jewish Scripture as a music sheet of an exquisite song. The point of the Christian song is Jesus but the harmony reverberates in the Christian’s ear from every page of the book.

Then the Christian meets a Jew. The Jew tells him that this book has nothing to do with Jesus. The Christian listens to the Jewish arguments about translation and context and is unmoved. In the mind of the Christian, the Jew is making a tragic mistake. The Jew is reading the music notes without realizing that this is music. The Jew seems to be looking at the notes as if they were a story about some stickmen climbing a ladder. How can you argue with someone about music when they are completely tone-deaf?

What the Christian fails to realize is that music is subjective. Those who composed the Jesus song…

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1 Response to Rich Resonance – Psalm 119:54

  1. LarryB says:

    “It is not the Oral Law that is a supplement to the Written Law, it is the Written Law that serves as a supplement and an augmentation for the Oral Law.”
    Not a small point the christians fail to teach in sunday school. Now we know why the catholics baptise the children right after their born. The brain wahing starts early. Although, Some might argue that there is clear evidense that brain washing has it’s foundations at Sinai.

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