Curse Reverser – Psalm 133:3

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Curse Reverser – Psalm 133:3

Adam’s sin brought God’s curse and death into this world (Genesis 3:17-19). After all, God created a good world (Genesis 1:31). It was all built on God’s command (Psalm 148:5). Every facet of creation was following God’s command, and obedience to God is blessing and life. When Adam introduced disobedience with his violation of God’s command, he set up an illusion. Adam did an action that seeks goodness and blessing apart from God’s direct command. This created an illusion in people’s mind that God’s command doesn’t necessarily reign supreme.

Then God commanded Israel to build a Tabernacle. Every detail of the Tabernacle was built according to God’s direct instruction. Every detail of the service of the priests followed clear commandments from God through Moses. The Tabernacle and subsequently the Temple declared the supremacy of God’s command. Every facet of these holy structures affirmed: “as God…

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