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Matthew’s Guards – by Jim

Eric, Some time ago, you and I briefly discussed whether or not the Pharisees were trustworthy. You wrote that they are not, which started the conversation. If I recall correctly, one thing you held against them was that they covered … Continue reading

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Good, Bad and Both

Good, Bad and Both – Isaiah 53; Deuteronomy 31:27; Numbers 23:21 Christians point to Isaiah’s prophecy recorded in Chapter 52 verse 13 through 53 verse 12 as the most obvious proof to the legitimacy of Jesus’ claims. The prophecy describes … Continue reading

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The Legitimacy of Questioning – by Jim

The Legitimacy of Questioning – by Jim Is it fair that Jesus call his opponents “sons of the devil” and such names? Is he really just correcting (lovingly) those who were in sin? The Christian apologists here would have us … Continue reading

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Thomas’ Journey

I was raised like most other North American Jews- in an interfaith (Jewish mother, non-practicing Protestant father) in the suburbs of a large North American city. I was raised with a Jewish identity, went to Hebrew school, and had a … Continue reading

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