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Annelise Responds to Answering Judaism

Annelise Responds to Answering Judaism   In a recent YouTube video, the Christian apologist ‘Answering Judaism’ respectfully responded to two videos by Rabbi Yisroel Blumenthal. I would like to join both men in their desire to bring such topics into … Continue reading

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Did You Ever Hear of Isaac?

Did You Ever Hear of Isaac?   In a pathetic attempt to defend himself from the accusation of having misquoted the Targum, Shapira again displays his incredible ignorance of the Bible ( ).   In my article entitled “The School … Continue reading

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In Good Company

In Good Company Shapira continues to demonstrate his ineptitude. In his latest video ( ) he quotes the Radak as if he interpreted Micah 5:1 as a teaching on the pre-existence of the Messiah. In fact the Radak devotes his … Continue reading

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Reading the Dictionary

Reading the Dictionary   In his latest video ( ) Shapira presents a quotation from the Jastrow Dictionary. He is attempting to prove that the Aramaic word “palach” (or derivatives of that word) must be referring to worship of the … Continue reading

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Innocent Trust

Innocent Trust The following words are not addressed to Tzahi Shapira. These words are also not directed to those religious leaders who endorsed him and presented him to the public as a scholar. I am writing to those who do … Continue reading

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The Return of Justinas Pranaitis

The Return of Justinas Pranaitis A Critical Review of The Return of the Kosher Pig By Rabbi Eli Cohen – Jews for Judaism Australia[1] The explosive debate surrounding the belief in a divine Messiah has engaged many great minds across the spectrum … Continue reading

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Spiritual Responsibility

Spiritual Responsibility Our civilization is structured in such a way that people sometimes need to trust each other. I have never studied medicine. When I need advice in that field I speak to people who have dedicated their lives to … Continue reading

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