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Annelise on “Hypocrisy or Loyalty ?”

Annelise on “Hypocrisy or Loyalty ?” The claim that another human being is the only way to follow or worship God should never be taken lightly. But when someone chooses not to accept Jesus, well-meaning Christians often ask: “Would you … Continue reading

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Jeremiah 2:5

Jeremiah 2:5 The Torah describes the false prophet as one who attempts to “make you stray from the path that the Lord your God has commanded you to walk in.” (Deuteronomy 13:6 (5). Instead of listening to the false prophet … Continue reading

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Unauthorized Negotiator

Unauthorized Negotiator Tom and Joe were partners in a business. As they walked up the path to the office one day they encountered a man exiting the door that they were about to enter. The man asked them what they … Continue reading

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How Were the Jewish Scriptures Canonized?

How Were the Jewish Scriptures Canonized?  “…the same standard that was used to determine the canonical status of the books of the Jewish Bible would have decidedly INVALIDATED the books of the Christian Scriptures.” (Christianity Unmasked) How were the Jewish … Continue reading

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Forms of Communication

Forms of Communication There are different methods that can be used to communicate ideas from person to another. Some of these modes of communication are more effective than others. Some forms of communication are more prone to error and failure … Continue reading

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Is the Bible an Algebra-textbook?

Is the Bible an Algebra-Textbook? In an algebra-textbook you expect to find complicated equations with letters representing various numbers. The textbook only gives you some of the numbers in the equation and you have to work your way backwards in … Continue reading

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“Are You My Mother”

“Are You My Mother” As a child, I read a book entitled: “Are You My Mother”. The basic plot of the story describes a bird who happens to hatch from the egg when her mother is away from the nest. She wanders … Continue reading

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Eternal Covenant

Eternal Covenant “When you are in distress and all these things have befallen you, at the end of days, you will return to the Lord your God, and hearken to His voice. For the Lord your God is a merciful … Continue reading

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Deuteronomy 33:4 – Oral Law

Deuteronomy 33:4 – Oral Law   Judaism affirms that God made use of two methods of communication in order to transmit the truths of Judaism from one generation to the next; the written text and the living communication of parent … Continue reading

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Belief System

Belief System The stereotypical debate between the Jew and the Christian missionary centers on scripture. The confrontation will generally open with the missionary quoting a scriptural passage in an attempt to validate Christian doctrine. The debate will usually end with … Continue reading

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