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Open Letter to KAVI – from Jim

Kavi, The Torah is not your plaything. It is not right for you to misrepresent its teachings the way you do. It is not right for you to substitute your own teachings for those of HaShem. It is not right … Continue reading

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Forgive them Father – by Jim

Alan, You and Kavi have drawn attention to some interesting problems that arise out of Christian doctrine, or if not Christian doctrine generally, at least Kavi’s understanding of it. Kavi wrote that when Jesus said on the cross, “Father, forgive … Continue reading

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Pentecost vs Shavuot – by Jim

You write that Christianity and Judaism both rely upon faith, and, if I understand you correctly, this seems to mean to you that the Jew has no room to critique the Christian faith. This reflects a poor understanding of Torah, … Continue reading

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Definitions – by Jim

You ask what the Messiah will be like with an eye to what the scriptures say about him. It is, of course, good to consult the scriptures. My intention when sitting down to the computer today was to begin describing … Continue reading

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It’s a Midrash! – by Jim

It’s a Midrash! Because Jesus did not perform the function of the Messiah, the authors of the New Testament had difficulty demonstrating in what way Jesus could be the Messiah. They could not quote Messianic passages—at least not much—because the … Continue reading

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Exploiting Ignorance – by Jim

It is sometimes troubling to Christians that typically a Jewish believer in Jesus is Torah ignorant. Even a celebrated Christian Jew like Dr. Michael Brown grew up in a Torah deficient environment. Because, at the time when a Jewish believer … Continue reading

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Bloodless Intercession – by Jim

Your comments are often so terse, that I must admit I cannot always follow them. However, you appear to be in a contradiction. You write that HaShem requires blood, and by this, I assume you to mean that He requires … Continue reading

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Trust – by Jim

Is there any greater comfort than knowing that one can put his trust in HaShem rather than in a man? I cannot imagine one. Because we know that HaShem is without need and because we know that God created the … Continue reading

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Christian Anti-Semitism – Is It Still Relevant? – by Jim

Christian Anti-Semitism – Is It Still Relevant? – by Jim   The question of Christian Jew-hatred comes up semi-frequently in discussions about Christianity. The Christian wonders how this topic relates to the conversation about whether or not one should accept … Continue reading

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Matthew Admits that Jesus was Never Resurrected! – by Jim

CP, It will take me a few comments to respond to your comment here: . In this first comment, I would like to address the supposed proofs that the religious leaders had. Peter escaping from prison and Paul remaining … Continue reading

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