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Exploiting Ignorance – by Jim

It is sometimes troubling to Christians that typically a Jewish believer in Jesus is Torah ignorant. Even a celebrated Christian Jew like Dr. Michael Brown grew up in a Torah deficient environment. Because, at the time when a Jewish believer … Continue reading

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Bloodless Intercession – by Jim

Your comments are often so terse, that I must admit I cannot always follow them. However, you appear to be in a contradiction. You write that HaShem requires blood, and by this, I assume you to mean that He requires … Continue reading

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Trust – by Jim

Is there any greater comfort than knowing that one can put his trust in HaShem rather than in a man? I cannot imagine one. Because we know that HaShem is without need and because we know that God created the … Continue reading

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Christian Anti-Semitism – Is It Still Relevant? – by Jim

Christian Anti-Semitism – Is It Still Relevant? – by Jim   The question of Christian Jew-hatred comes up semi-frequently in discussions about Christianity. The Christian wonders how this topic relates to the conversation about whether or not one should accept … Continue reading

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Matthew Admits that Jesus was Never Resurrected! – by Jim

CP, It will take me a few comments to respond to your comment here: . In this first comment, I would like to address the supposed proofs that the religious leaders had. Peter escaping from prison and Paul remaining … Continue reading

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Persuasion vs Education IV – by Jim

Originally posted on 1000 Verses – a project of Judaism Resources:
A brief note on missionary tactics: The missionary is not out to educate. He does not attempt to persuade with reasoned arguments. And he is not interested in an exchange…

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“Conversation” – a note from Jim

Dina, I know you are right that June comments here only infrequently. I hope that you are incorrect regarding her response. I do hope that she was not just venting her spleen, pronouncing her judgments without reason, accusing without evidence. … Continue reading

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