A Tale of Two Schools

Imagine two schools of medicine. Let us call them “x” and “y”. Each of these schools has their own approach to medicine and each of these schools puts forth students who put their respective school’s theories into practice. As you probably guessed, these two schools disagree on many elements of the study and practice of healing people. Disagree is actually too mild of a word. Each of these schools earnestly believes that the other school is not teaching medicine, but murder.

One day, the faculty of school “x” admit that they made a mistake. Not just a one-time mistake but a mistake that had continuously been taught as truth for years and years. Not just a minor mistake, but an error about one of the fundamental concepts of medicine. Let us say that they had been teaching that the liver and the heart are useless organs. May I remind you that the members of “y” had been preaching for years that the liver and the heart are vital organs – but the members of “x” have always disregarded the opinion of school “y”.

At this point you would expect the members of school “x” to do some soul searching. They should ask themselves how this error came to be preached as truth? What fundamental flaw in their system allowed this error to be perpetuated for years on end? What prevented them from realizing their mistake for so long? Why could they not appreciate the inherent truth of school “y”’s teaching concerning the heart and the liver?
Imagine if the members of school “x” do none of the above. Instead they continue teaching whatever they have taught up until now – without even fully rearranging their medical theories to fit with the “newfound” truths that they learned about the heart and the liver.
Would you begin to take them seriously?

The meaning of this parable should be apparent. School “x” is Christianity while school “y” is Judaism. The mistake that many Christians have admitted to is that their teaching of “replacement theology” – which insists that the Church has replaced Israel – is an error. Let us pause to understand the depth of this error. Israel is the second most important word in the Jewish Scriptures after God. Reading the Bible with an incorrect understanding of the word “Israel” is as bad as reading a book about the earth’s climate without knowing what the word “cold” means. You would expect that the various schools of Christian theologians who have now come to realize the error should pause and take stock. They should ask themselves what lead them to this error. They should ask themselves what flaws are inherent in their system that allowed this error to be perpetuated for so long. They should ask themselves why they could not hear the truth inherent in the claim of the Jewish people when they asserted that Israel is Israel and not the Church.
Finally – you would expect them to open their ears just a little bit when the same Jewish people are arguing that God is God and not Jesus.

Is that asking too much?

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Yisroel C. Blumenthal

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9 Responses to A Tale of Two Schools

  1. Shomer says:

    A lie you hear for the hundredth time you will believe much easier than the truth you hear the first time. If a representative of replacement theology would admit that he was mistaken and that the truth is just the other way round (Israel is the chosen people and the Christians are led astray and will perish) then this behaviour would have devastating consequences for this theologian, e. g. financial consequences. He will be fired immediately. So you see there is a very important reason why they do not admit their own mistakes.

    An excommunicated Roman Catholic priest once told me that most of his former colleagues do not even believe in virgin birth doctrine. And yet they preach it for it is commanded so by the Holy See. One fact you may never draw in question: the Holy See is infallible and the Roman Catholic “New Testament” is the infallible Word of God. If someone says so you always have do defend yourself against this heresy. So they hear the same lie on and on and on and they call it spiritual life. They mystically live without liver and heart and they believe they even have a brain. I was one of them and, beleive me, I know what I’m talking about.

  2. naaria says:

    Depends upon which teacher or follower (or version) of school X you are talking about. Some believe the only problem is with the Roman Catholic Church version (“Constantine”) of the teacher and not with the original founder (or founding party or fathers) of the school, which is Yeshua (as some who have a vested interest in Jesus, now prefer to call the teacher of x). Those who feel they have been healed or their life was “saved” (changed for the better) by school x, will never give up on x, no matter what. If they believe x is from god, then if they were to give up on x for any other school or opinion, then they have become an atheist who has lost their very soul and will go to everlasting, fiery “hell”. Some have never seen themselves as “Israel”, except in the way that the founder of x is the king of x and he is their king and their can be no other.

    Those who know about relacement theology, still believe that x is of god and that x is Israel. To them y is not the true Israel, the followers of x are (if they use a different name, a more Hebrewish sounding name, Yeshua, Yahushua, etc for the “true” founder of school x). To those people, they are the true Israel, and not Jews or definitely not anyone from Y or Judaism. They don’t see themselves as x, but as the true y (or no school, no religion (except maybe z), the true believers of “the messiah” or god).
    No matter which version of the school of x (RCC, Protestant, JW, Mormon, or “messianic followers of “Yeshua”, etc) that they follow, Jews AND/OR Y (Yehuda or Judaism) is the Israel that was rejected, thrown out, has lost it’s way, or corrupted the true teachings, true form of worship of the true god, which is the “founder” of the school of x (whether his name is Yeshua, Jesus, Yahushua, or a dozen other variants of Iesous).

    • naaria says:

      Almost everyone one of the school of x, still believe that they are the true followers (church, congregation, assembly, synagogue, or independent believer) of the founder of x (Jesus, Yeshua, etc.), who is from god or is god, the god of Israel. If there is any error within the school of x, it is from the devil, satan, fallible man, ignorant man (only following traditions of man) or corrupt teachings of man or cult leaders. Very few, of these, see any truth in y, which they see as filled with stubborn, ignorant, “spiritually blinded” (naturally or intentionally by their god), or corrupt teachers. They want to see no Truth in y, nothing of God, that is why there is so much opposition to Oral Torah. They want to see Oral Torah, not as a deeper revelation of God as found in the written Torah, but as a “legalism”. Nor do they Want to see it as expounding on the written Torah (as one admires, appreciates, studies, & expounds upon poetry, music, or beautiful art), but somehow as a rejection or replacement of the Written Torah. If they can show themselves or others Oral Torah is “traditions of man” meant to “replace Written Torah”, they can reject y and stay with x. They can feel good about their beliefs, despite any errors in the teachings of x or even fundamental & foundational flaws of x. I once was a follower of x, myself.

  3. The followers of x firmly believe that there is a devil named Satan, that was cast out of heaven and is at constant battle for human souls with G-D.
    The fear that is so profound that despite the fact that the word: “devil” which does not exist anywhere in the Tanakh; and the story of a fallen angel named Satan also does not exist.
    The followers of x simply diverge from these apparent facts by simply claiming that it doesn’t matter
    because they are led by the holy-spirit, then attempt to super impose this same fear they live under
    upon anyone who brings these obvious errors to light.

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  5. hyechiel says:

    Dear Friends;
    Adversarial divinities are almost universal. Jews returnees got the idea from the Zoroaeerians. They had their good and bad gods. However, with us being Monotheistic, their bad god became a mischievous angel in the Tanach. Later, to up-grade it to Pagan acceptance, the Greek idea and name was appended by the Gentile Nazarenes.
    Fallen angels are impossible in the Tanach, for the simple reason it would have to have free will to be “fallen.” Angels do not have free will, and you waste your time trying to prove it. All that any angel did was G-d directed, and with His permission or direction. Since no human was involved in the conversation, cannot really tell.
    Exploring the Tanach to find proof of x, y, or z is either futile, or in plain sight. Problem I have seen is using the Greek versions, and then saying you have it. You do, but it is Greek to me, and I stay with His word; in the original Hebrew/Aramaic.
    Aramaic is as close to Hebrew, as Dutch is to German, so it is virtually the same language, scripturally speaking.
    Remember, common sense tells us that we have different faiths because we have different religions/theologies. So let us rspect each other and work together, not argue. OK?

    • naaria says:

      One has to do more than say “respect each other”, especially when there are some who cannot even respect those from different brances or denominations within their own religion. It also rings hollow to first make the argument (which is valid for you and me) that there are no fallen angels, when the idea of fallen man and fallen angels are 2 of the major tenets of most Christian’s belief system, and then to say “we must respect each other”.

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