The Language of the Realm

The Language of the Realm

The famous cartoonist; Gary Larson, presented a humorous caricature that sheds light on the Jewish Christian polemic. In the cartoon we see a professor standing in front of a blackboard lecturing to his students. The blackboard is covered by a lengthy and complicated equation in which the letter “W” is prominently featured. The caption under the cartoon reads: “Two wrongs don’t make a right – but four wrongs squared…”

The point of this cartoon is that no mathematical equation can change wrong into right. A humorous (and sometimes tragic) side to human life is that people often overlook this obvious truth and attempt to use measurements and tools that are applicable to one realm in life and apply it to another. Different realms of life have different languages, different frameworks and different categories. To apply the language of mathematics in the realm of ethics and morality is a misapplication of mathematics.

Another example of an inappropriate application of the language of one realm to a realm where this language is not heard is when someone attempts to justify a violation of a marriage covenant with a legal argument. The intricate arguments of the lawyer are appropriate in the halls of government and in courts of justice; these arguments have no place in a covenant of love that was sealed between two hearts.

The Church advocates devotion to a character described in the pages of the Christian Scriptures. This devotion is a violation of the covenant that God shares with every human being and it is a double violation of the covenant that God shares with the Jewish people.

In order to justify this violation the Church presents a plethora of complicated philosophical arguments. But philosophical arguments are not the language spoken in the realm of covenant. Philosophy can help you speculate about life, about humanity and even about God. But philosophy cannot justify a redirection of worship.

Israel is married to God. This covenant has forever bound our hearts to the One Creator of all existence. The Church’s usage of philosophy to justify a call to devotion that is not present in the original marriage covenant is simply out of place. The language of philosophy is not spoken in the realm of love.

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