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Without Preconceived Notions

Without Preconceived Notions In one of my articles (entitled Messianic Expectation  ) I wrote: “When we read the scripture without any preconceived notions about the Messiah, when we read God’s promises for Israel’s glorious future age, we can readily … Continue reading

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Why Don’t Jews Believe in Jesus

Why Don’t Jews Believe in Jesus ? As a Christian you may have wondered: why don’t Jews believe in Jesus ? Perhaps you are a Jew who knows that Jews stood apart from the surrounding populace and refused to join … Continue reading

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Focused Decision – Responsible Devotion

Focused Decision – Responsible Devotion When you need to make a decision you don’t want to be distracted. You certainly don’t want to be intimidated by ridicule or by fear. You also don’t want to be confused by complicated argumentation. … Continue reading

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Excerpt from Critique of Vol. 4

3. Objection 5.11 Brown discusses the Jewish objection that argues that if Joseph was not Jesus’ biological father, then Jesus was not a descendant of David on his father’s side. This tells us that Jesus could not be the Jewish … Continue reading

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